Mohsin Match (Pvt) Ltd

welcome to our site. Mohsin match factory (Pvt) limited was one of the first safety match manufacturing unit in the north-west- frontier province of Pakistan to start production in 1975 and now we are the largest match manufacturing industry in Pakistan. We lit the path for others to follow and we remain the leaders in the field in terms of quantity and quality.

Mohsin Match, as it is popularly known at home and abroad, together with its sister concern Mohsin enterprises produce 25,000 gross daily, sold locally through a network of 300 distributors and through direct export to countries in the middle and far east and Africa. Export to these markets commenced in 1996 and have reached worth us$ 3.2 million annually. The management of both Mohsin match and Mohsin enterprises is in the hand of a board of directors with Mr. Mohsin Aziz as the chairman of both boards.



Mohsin Match Factory