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Situated next door to our unit 1, this is the group's latest unit. Producing 100% cotton yarn with 19200 spindles and a capacity of 6,600 tons of yarn per year. This unit started its production in 2004 with state ofthe art compact ring spinning frames and contamination control devices along with mechanical splicers. It has been further upgraded by the replacement and modernization of machines in 2013-14 with the state ofthe art Toyota RX-300 frames with E draft, Truzscthler TC-11 cards, Truzscthler Securomat, Fl-200 Toyota simplex, Rieter RSB D-22 draw frames and Murata Q pro auto winders.

Spindles : 19,200
Capacity : 6,600 tons / year
Products : Slub, Organic Cotton, Contamination free Cotton, Cotton Modal blends.

With a capacity of 6,600 tons of yarn per year.We are offering yarn in the range of 7/s to 40/s, in slub,organic cotton, contamination free cotton and cotton modal blends. Our main counts will be.

Main Counts (All Counts Ne)
20-60 Combed Compact 10-60 Combed 8-40 Slub Yarns


Count Range :(available in slub, organic, modal blend and contamination free variety)   
Count: 8/1 CD - 20/1 CD & 16/1 CMB - 40/1 CMB

Our Brand "Boss"

Trutzschler-DKTC-03 Howa-Draw-Frames-DX8 Trutzschler-DK-903

Given below is the list of machinery that we are using for the producitons in A.J Textile Mills Unit 2. To View the Pictures Gallery of the machinery Please Click Here

Blow Room
Machine Name Country Model
Foreign Fiber Separator Securomat
Germany 2013
Jossi Vision Shield
Swiss 2008
Luwa Fibre Depositing Plant with Rotary Pre Filter, Fibre Compactor, Dust Collector
Italy 2004

Machine Name
Country Model
Trutzschler TC-11
Germany 2013
Trutzschler TC-03
Germany 2005

Machine Name
Country Model
Rieter Draw Frames RSB-D22
 Swiss  2013
Rieter Draw Frames RSB-D35
 Swiss  2004
Toyota Draw Fames DX-8 LT
 Japan  2004

Machine Name
Country Model
Rieter E-62
Swiss 2004
UniLap E-32
Swiss 2004

Machine Name
Country Model
Toyota Simplex Frame FL-200
 Japan  2013
Toyota Simplex Frame FL-100
 Japan  2005

Ring Frame
Machine Name
Country Model
Toyota Ring Frame RX-300 with Edraft
Japan  2014
Ring Frame EJM-168 With Suessen Drafting System And Suessen Compact-Set Retrofit System
China 2004

Auto Cone
Machine Name
Country Model
Murata Auto cone Q PRO
Japan 2013
Murata Auto cone 21-C
Japan 2004
Savio Orion with Mechanical splice ( for lycra yarns )
Italy 2004